JTS -Judges Training Scheme – Conformation 2018

All Dogs ACT members are being invited to Andrew Burt’s information sessions but they are compulsory for all current trainees – see you there


All information pertaining to applicants for the 2018 JTS is on this page. Information has also been posted on Facebook.

Expressions of Interest are being sought for the 2018 Conformation JTS 

Open each document to ensure you meet ANKC requirements.

Requirements: here

Expressions of Interest: here

PLEASE NOTE:  All trainees wishing to continue in the scheme are to submit a scanned copy of their stewards card & other relevant information.

Closing date for Expressions of Interest: 29 March 2018

Do NOT send any money with your application at this time. You will be advised if you have been accepted to the scheme for 2018.




All lectures are held at Dogs ACT rooms and commence at 7pm



Tuesday April 10th    Afghan Hound – Borzoi – Saluki – Sloughi

Tuesday 24th April    Basset Hound – Basset Fauve de Bretange – Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen – Petite Basset Griffon Vendeen

Tuesday 15th May     Deerhound – Irish Wolfhound   

Tuesday 29th May     Foxhound – Hamiltonstovare – Harrier    

Tuesday 12th June    Greyhound – Whippet

Tuesday 10th July     Azawakh – Ibizan Hound – Pharoah Hound