Judges Training Scheme – Conformation 2019 – Lecture Dates Only

QUIZLET INFORMATION EVENING – Dogs ACT will present a free workshop, ‘Getting the best out of QUIZLET’ on Wed 19th June at their meeting room commencing at 7:30pm.  QUIZLET is a free computer based learning system used widely by Conformation Judges but may be of interest to ALL Members involved in other learning activities.
Many who use QUIZLET attest to its benefits and have improved their learning ability through its features:
Students and teachers can set the learning parameters, the standard needed to be attained and the subject material; Different learning tools are available to suit the student’s most effective learning approach and ability; Through randomly generated test questions QUIZLET quantitatively measures student learning progress while drawing attention to topics where more learning is required. The workshop format is: An outline of the features of QUIZLET and how it can be used to assist in learning breed standards; Demonstration of how to set up QUIZLET with material to be learned; Assistance to attendees in finding their most preferred and effective way of learning; and How to use QUIZLET features to most effectively learn the material and achieve desired goals.              Please contact admin@dogsact.org.au to advise attendance or see meeting post!!


PUPPY PUZZLE DAY – Sunday 7th April 2019 – Dogs ACT Meeting Rooms from 10AM
Your Conformation Coordinators are putting on a Puppy Puzzle Day for all Trainee judges, breeders & any other interested parties.

HOUNDS Sub group 2
30 April    Basenji, Beagle
07 May     Bloodhound, Bluetick Coonhound, Black & Tan Coonhound, Otterhound
21 May     Foxhound, Hamiltonstovare, Harrier
04 June   Dachshunds (all varieties)
18 June   Finnish Spitz, Norwegian Elkhound
02 July   Portuguese Podengo
16 July   Rhodesian Ridgeback
30 July   General Revision


TOYS Sub group 2

25 April, 09 May, 23 May, 06 Jun, 20 Jun, 04Jul & 18Jul – All Thu evenings commencing at 7pm.


GUNDOGS Sub group 2

03-06-19 Irish Red and White Setter 1 Lecture (KC Standard)
03-06-19 Irish Setter 1 Lecture (KC Standard)
17-06-19 English Setter 2 Lecture (KC Standard)
17-06-19 Gordon Setter 2 Lecture (KC Standard)
24-06-19 All Setters Mock Exam
01-07-19 Brittany 3 Lecture (FCI Standard)
01-07-19 Pointer 3 Lecture (KC Standard)
15-07-19 German Shorthaired Pointer 4 Lecture (FCI Standard)
15-07-19 German Wirehaired Pointer 4 Lecture (FCI Standard)
15-07-19 Large Munsterlander 4 Lecture (KC Standard)
29-07-19 Weimaraner 5 Lecture (FCI Standard)
29-07-19 Weimaraner Longhair 5 Lecture (FCI Standard)
29-07-19 Wirehaired Slovakian Pointer 5 Lecture (FCI Standard)
12-08-19 Hungarian Vizsla 6 Lecture (FCI Standard)
12-08-19 Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla 6 Lecture (KC Standard)
19-08-19 Bracco Italiano (Italian Pointing Dog) 7 Lecture (FCI Standard)
19-08-19 Italian Spinone 7 Lecture (FCI Standard)
08-09-19 All Utility Mock Exam


WORKING DOGS – Sub Group 1 – commencing at 7.30pm Dogs ACT rooms

Australian Working Breeds

Lecture 1 – Aust Cattle Dog, Aust Kelpie, Aust Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog – Date TBA

British Pastoral/Sheepdogs

Lecture 2 – Aust Shepherd, Border Collie – 07May19

Lecture 3 – Collie Rough, Collie Smooth, Shetland Sheepdog – 21May19

Lecture 4 – Brearded Collie, Old Englsih Sheepdog – 18Jun19

Long legged Herders/Utility

Lecture 5 – Bouvier des Flanders, Briard – 02Jul19

Lecture 6 – Module 1 Breeds General Revision – 30Jun19


UTILITY – Lecture Dates TBA (Jun19)