News for Affiliate Clubs


Dogs ACT wishes to advise members and exhibitors that we have been advised that a dog that was exhibited on the grounds last weekend (29/30Sep & 1 Oct)has been diagnosed with parvovirus. The dog was vaccinated, the owner caught it early and the dog is recovering well. We will be taking steps to spray the grounds with a parvocide. In the meantime, training classes will be relocated to another area. In the meantime, please watch your dogs.


NOTE to your Members: The calendar has been updated and there is now the facility to not only see the events in a monthly calendar format but also in a list.  Click on the ‘View As’ button then click on LIST.  This will document all the events currently in the calendar at the time you look.  Be aware that there are more events being added to the calendar weekly so please check when you want to know what is coming up in 2018.

For example if you want to see all the trials, put word trial under search, go to right hand side & under ‘view as’ click “list”. This will then give you every trial on our calendar from this month – Jan18


There will be a meeting of Members in mid January 2018.  All Clubs will be sent an email seeking attendance and placed on our calendar of events.  Watch out for it as it is important that each club is represented!


This is where Dogs ACT will place all pertinent news for all affiliates. There is a separate page for Member News.

Dogs ACT has put local rules and information for exhibitors together to assist affiliates.  Document can be read here