News for Members & Affiliate Clubs 2020

NOV 2019

Several members are having trouble entering events via Show Dogs NSW.
Dogs NSW have sent us a cheat sheet for members – please take the time to read this & if you have any additional issues please contact Dogs NSW not Dogs ACT.


It is with sadness we advise the passing of Karen Mills, wife of Simon & mother to Brooke & Morgan.

Details of the funeral service is here for those friends who may wish to attend.

The family have asked that in lieu of flowers that a donation is made to the drought appeal.


OCT 2019

Trick Dog Foundation Judges Training

A foundation judges training course will be conducted. Information on requirements & an application form is located here

Please note applications close cob 16OCT19.


Save the Date! Sat/Sun 28/29 march 2020 – A Track & Search Workshop will be held in the Dogs ACT rooms.  Watch our comms for more information.


Utility Dog applications

Applications are now open for Aspirant Obedience Judges for the UTILITY Dog Class.

Information on requirements needed are to be found here and the application to be submitted is here

Please note: applications close cob on 15th October 2019.


SEP 2019 – Belgian Shepherd Dog Breed Health Survey 2019-2020

All past and current owners of a Belgian Shepherd Dog (BSD) are invited to complete a BSD Breed Health Survey.  This is being undertaken as part of the Belgian Shepherd Dog Club of Queensland (BSDCQ) Grant awarded for 2019 -2020:

Future Directions: The current health status of the Belgian Shepherd Dog (BSD) within Australia. This will be the first breed specific health survey undertaken to the researcher’s knowledge within Australia.

For further information and to access the survey please follow this link


Aug 2019 – Baby Puppy Classes are starting again Thu 29th Aug

Check out the flyer here


July 2019 –

AGM – The Dogs ACT Annual General Meeting will be held at the Dogs ACT rooms at 7.00 pm on Tuesday 27 August 2019.

Only full Members are eligible to vote at the meeting.  Membership cards are to be shown on arrival, please bring them with you.


June 2019

A MEMBERS meeting will be held at the Dogs ACT rooms on Wednesday 24th July at 7pm.

Follow up: This members meeting went well despite the poor turn out. An explanation of how Dogs ACT is tracking in regards to income/expenditure was discussed & the need to increase fees to keep up with rising prices. Information was also given regarding the good relationship Dogs ACT has with DAS and the introduction of the new dog laws coming into force around August/September 2019 and how they will affect our members. More information will be given to members when available so watch this spot.


TITLE sashes are now available in the office – please contact to arrange collection.

There will be NO Endurance Test in 2019.

ACT Ladies Marked Catalogues are now available for information.  These can be found on the Calendar on the dates of the 3 shows (8-10Jun19)


To all LABRADOR owning Dogs ACT MEMBERS  message from ANKC

In accordance with Regulations Part 6 – The Register & Registrations Clause 8.17 an online survey is now available from the link provided below where ANKC is seeking feedback as to whether a Litter Registration Limitation is to be applied to litters mated on or after 1 June 2020 where the minimum breeding age for Labrador bitches is 18 months at the time of mating (unless a veterinary certificate is produced stating that for health reasons the bitch should be mated before 18 months). If litter registration limitations are approved for the Minimum Breeding Age for Labrador Retriever bitches, breeders of litters whelped on or after 1 June, 2020, will be required to comply with the requirements as a prerequisite to registration of any litter on the ANKC Ltd Main Register. Litters which do not meet the above requirements will only be able to be placed on the Limited Register and will be flagged not to be upgraded.

A majority of registered owners within the breed and responding to this survey must be in favour before approval is given by the ANKC Ltd.

Survey link:

Responses to the survey are required by 24 August 2019.  The ANKC website and Facebook page will be updated with the survey.


May 2019

Minor changes made to schedule for ACT Ladies KC shows on June long weekend, uploaded to website.


The Dogs ACT Obedience Subcommittee will be holding a follow up meeting for interested Dogs ACT Obedience competitors to review and finalise submissions received for consideration at the ANKC Obedience rules review.

6.30pm Tuesday 28th May 2019 in the Dogs ACT Meeting Room.

Looking forward to seeing you there.  Would appreciate it if you would let me know of your availability please at


April 2019

MEMBERS -You would all be aware that there have been several incidents lately in regards to the welfare and safety of animals by some aggressive activists against farmers, animal keepers and also ourselves.  Dogs VIC has drawn up the following template in order to highlight how to handle these activists if you come across them at all our dog events.

Please take the time to read the document and be prepared; do not take action which would bring harm to yourselves & your dogs.  Please read, it is important to you!

UPDATE: Members Night Information….

Members, here are the minutes from the meeting held on Tuesday 9th April 2019 at 7pm.


FOLK FESTIVAL at EPIC – The ‘bump in’ period for the National Folk Festival (NFF) commences at 5pm today (Thursday 10 April 2019)

From now until at least 23 April, access to EPIC is restricted to NFF activities.
The office will be operating our normal hours but please enter EPIC via Gate 6 (Wells Station Road) and park in the top car park. The pedestrian access gate to the Dogs ACT rooms will be open.


March 2019

Expression of interest – Eye Certification Clinic conducted under the AVA-ANKC Australian Canine Eye Scheme. Dr. Bruce Robertson (AVA-ANKC ACES Panelist) has offered us his time on Thursday 28th March 2019  to conduct an ACES Eye Certification Clinic, pending a minimum of 25 bookings.

Scale of fees should we reach the minimum 25 bookings will be as follows: 

Adult ACES Certificates (single dog):  $130

Adult ACES Certificates (two or more dogs under the same ownership): $110

Gonioscopy Test: $70

Litter screening (for puppies between 6-8 weeks) $65 per puppy ($250 minimum charge)

Location: Crestwood (Queanbeyan) NSW.

To express your interest, please get in touch with Mel Scriven, via mobile 0419566645 or email Expressions of interest close Friday 22nd March 4pm


February 2019 –

MEMBERS: The ANKC review of the rules for Obedience and Rally Obedience is currently underway. In order to be considered, submissions for proposed rule changes must be received in the format outlined in the document ‘Procedure for Reviewing Existing Rules and Documents’ and be received at by no later than 20th April 2019. Please use the following as the Subject: Rules Review Obedience or Rules Review Rally.

Elaine Temby proposes to schedule a meeting for late March to help generate discussion on changes that the ACT might want to propose. A further meeting will be scheduled late April early May once all ACT submissions have been consolidated. The purpose of this meeting will be to fine tune submissions if required and vote for those to be put forward by Dogs ACT.

Dogs ACT’s final submission needs to be presented to Council in early June for consideration at their 12th June meeting. In September 2019 the ANKC will distribute copies of submissions received. We then have an opportunity consider all the proposals put forward by the other states and territories to determine what the ACT will support at the national meeting to be held in March 2020.

Communication about the process and the proposed meetings will be via this site.


Members, to accommodate the Canberra Royal requirements, please note that the office will be open next week from Monday 18 Feb to Wednesday 21 Feb rather than Tuesday to Thursday.  You should note that access to EPIC is via Gate 2 only from 13 Feb. Entry passes will be required for access to the grounds from 22 Feb.


The Dogs ACT Agility Subcommittee will be holding a meeting for interested Agility competitors on the ACT submission to the ANKC Agility rules review.

When:    7pm Friday 22nd February

Where:   Belconnen Dog Obedience Club, 1 Morisset Rd, Mitchell.

To view a copy of the submissions received, please contact your Agility representative at your training club (ACT Companion Dog Club, Belconnen Dog Obedience Club or Tuggeranong Dog Training Club). To vote on the submissions Dogs ACT submits, you must be a member of an ANKC affiliate and local to the Canberra region.

New rules will come into effect from January 1st 2021.


January 2019 –

Dogs ACT – Call for Expressions of Interest – Contractors

Dogs ACT is looking to contract suitable people for the tasks listed below.  The successful candidate must hold an ABN and provide Dogs ACT with a Tax Invoice, including GST, for each task performed.  Payment will be made by direct deposit into your nominated bank account.  All tasks will be under the supervision of office staff or Councillors. 

Members are invited to provide an EOI for any number of the tasks as they see fit.  Please forward your EOI to no later than 31 Jan 2019.  


  1. Install a stable step and grab handle for the toilet block in the lower dog ring section.  This task would need to be performed outside of event hours.
  2. Undertake regular cleaning of both the upper and lower bathrooms for each event held at the Dogs ACT Dog rings.  This would normally include prior to, during and post event cleaning.  The estimated time for this task would be Two hours per clean.

Dogs ACT – Call for Expressions of Interest – Volunteers

Dogs ACT is reviewing some of its processes and would like to hear from members that may be able to volunteer some time to assist with some background tasks.  The tasks fall into two categories and may be short or long term.  All tasks will be under the supervision of office staff and Councillors.  Tasks must be undertaken during shop front hours (9:00-2:30 Tue, Wed & Thur).

Members are invited to provide an EOI for any number of the tasks as they see fit.  Please forward your EOI to no later than 31 Jan 2019.

Administrative Tasks:

  • Data entry and reconciliation of Excel Spreadsheets.
  • Consolidate electronic filing.
  • Perform a Key Muster and initiate a Key Register.
  • First Aid Kit to be updated.
  • Parking signage to be updated.
  • Stocktake stationery and prepare an order.
  • Clean out office cupboards and archive relevant documents.
  • Research Return & Earn and/or Recycling Bins for the grounds.

Manual Tasks:

  • Stocktake & tidy shipping containers.
  • Clean internal walls & windows (internal & external) of office building.
  • Obtain Quotes/Prices for: Lecterns for Stewards, Letter boxes for Clubs & Catering trolley/wheels
  • Regular mowing and whipper snipping rings and grounds.


To all Members –  Dogs ACT has received reports from councillors about your concerns with the draft ACT legislation which we flagged in December.

At the Council meeting Council held on Wed 16th Jan, they noted these concerns and made arrangements to acknowledge them.

The link to the draft legislation is

Dogs ACT will provide a submission in response to the draft Bill. If any member wishes to have their concerns included in the submission, please email them to the office by COB Thursday 24 January. Council will consider all member proposals for inclusion in the Dogs ACT  submission.

We would also like to remind you that you can make individual submissions to the ACT Government in response to the Bill.

Please note that we are addressing current DAS requirements by arranging a meeting with DAS and will advise when a date has been set.


Please Note: A meeting will be held on 17th  January 2019 to discuss the draft ANKC Scent Work Rules.

The Rules are published on the ANKC website – link:

The meeting will provide an opportunity for Dogs ACT members to consider the draft Rules with a view to providing comments to the ANKC Scent Work Working Party by COB 25 January 2019.

If you cannot attend the meeting, there is an e-form link on the ANKC website where you can provide comment electronically.  These comments are provided to all members of the Working Party.