News & Notices 2017

Welcome everyone to a brand new year – 2017

Message to all Members – please note that the office will be closed between Monday 10th to Thu 13th April 2017 inclusive.

For any urgent matters only please send an email to  The office will reopen following the Easter weekend.


Dogs ACT will be running Agility judges training in 2017. If you are interested in giving back to the sport and becoming a judge, please fill in the Agility Judges Training Scheme EOI Application at…/Agility-JTS-EOI-Application-form-as… and submit to Dogs ACT by April 14th.

To undertake the training you must:
(i) Have been a member of an Australian Canine Control Body for a minimum of (5) five years.
(ii) Be over tewnty-one (21) years of age.
(iii) Be a resident in the ACT.
(iv) Have trained and titled a dog to its Agility Dog (AD) title.
(v) Have been an active instructor at a Dogs ACT affiliated training club in the sport of Agility for a minimum of two (2) years.



Dogs ACT would like to continue the puppy socialisation classes which we offer to all Dogs ACT members.  At present they are weekly but due to other commitments the current coordinator is not able to continue this year. DOGSACT are looking for someone to take these classes, which last no longer than one hour.

If you are a confident, outgoing person who has patience, knows and has a passion for training dogs and would like to offer your services to others then please contact the Dogs ACT office today, details of which are on this website.  Possession of a Working With Vulnerable People card is a must as we have junior members attending.  If you are not registered please check out  – there are no costs involved.

Go on, give it a try!


CONFIRMATION JUDGES TRAINING SCHEME – want to become a judge, have you met the qualifications, are you continuing from last year….if you answer yes to any of these questions, read about the scheme and the dates are here for the JTS 2017.



As an assistance to the show people of Canberra and visitors to our grounds we have put together some information which will help everyone when coming to the Dogs ACT grounds.  The document is informative and interesting.  Each Dogs ACT show will have different contact numbers for their show secretary however all of the other information remains static.

Please take the time to read it here  and if you have any queries please contact the office.

From Dogs ACT Council ~ Jan 2017


FOR ALL CLUBS holding shows on the October long weekend – there will be a meeting to discuss your schedules and events to be held on 21st Feb 2017 at 7pm.  Please ensure that everyone involved in putting on your event/s sends a representative so that everyone can know what is happening.

As you would all know by now, Canberra All Breeds Kennel Club who have been running this weekend for over 50 years, has decided to hand it over to Dogs ACT.  Dogs ACT Council will be holding the same 2 all breed shows on Fri & Mon.  If however there are gaps for any breed/group on Sat & Sun please come to the meeting and let Dogs ACT reps know and we will arrange to fill in these gaps.

It is Dogs ACT intention to leave the weekend as it has been for many years.  It is up to the affiliates to advise Dogs ACT, who are coordinating the weekend only,  of their schedules, judges etc so that we can try to get best deals and offers on accommodation and fares.

From Dogs ACT Council ~ Jan 2017