ANKC & FCI News 2021

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JAN 2021 – The TORNJAK is an FCI breed which has been allocated by its registering body & country of origin into FCI Group 2.2 which covers all the mountain dwelling Livestock Guardian breeds such as Pyrenean Mountain Dog, Caucasian Shepherd Dog, Central Asian Shepherd Dog & the Kangal, which are normally placed in our Group 6.  As a result this breed will now be moved from Group 5 to Group 6.

AUG 2020 – The ANKC has been raising the profile of the ANKC brand & the first initiative has been to provide a facility for the general public to check on the bona fides of ANKC Registered Breeders.  Some members have noticed a new Breeder look up enhancement on the ANKC website. You should be aware that current issues with the look up appears to be when using apple products so if you have problems please contact Dogs ACT office & let them know as the majority of computers, phones, tablets etc do work.


FCI Notices of Member Controls

2021 Notices

FCI General Meeting April 2021

Indonesian Kennel Club – Changes to logo & colours (for copies contact Dogs ACT office)

Algerian Kennel Club – Changes to export documents & Logo  (for copies contact Dogs ACT office)

Swiss Kennel Club – 1 judge internationally excluded (until 18Apr21)

Algerian Kennel Club – 2 persons excluded as breeders, members & judges 

Algerian Kennel Club – 2 judges excluded

Bulgarian Kennel Club – 1 judge suspension lifted

Cancellation of 2020 European Dog Show, postponed from 2020. (No notice)

Romanian KC – non recognition of association

Danish Kennel Club – Example of their Pedigree

Ukrianian Kennel Club – 1 judge internationally excluded

Ukranian Kennel Club – 1 judge internationally excluded

Ukranian Kennel Club – 1 member suspension

Covid issues for all

2020 Notices

FCI Decisions Sep20 covering all sports

Show Judges Commitment to Welfare of Pedigree Dogs