JTS – Judges Training Scheme – Conformation 2017

The 2017 JTS has recommenced and it seeks those members wishing to become conformation judges, if they meet all the necessary requirements. The JTS is run under ANKC rules when it comes to all rules, education, requirements and exams. The 2017 JTS scheme has also been advertised on FB and it is important to note that each year any aspirant and/or trainee MUST complete the ‘Application for trainee judge’  and pay the annual fee [this is listed on the form itself].

Groups being offered are TOYS, GUNDOGS, HOUNDS and UTILITY

NB: Aspirants become a trainee once they have completed and passed their Aspiring Judge’s syllabus and passed the relevant examinations.

ASPIRANTS are a person accepted into the Judges Education Program, for their 1st Group or single breed, but not yet qualified to judge the relevant Breeds or Groups at any fixture.

TRAINEES are a person having fulfilled the Aspiring Judge’s syllabus and passed the relevant examinations is qualified to enter the Trainee Judge’s phase of the Education Program.

For those ‘aspirants’ wishing to apply to commence in 2017 these members will have to complete the applications required and check the ANKC rules for Judges to determine if they meet basic requirements, which have to be met.

Requirements for all trainees click here

Schedule of group lectures for 2017 click here

Application for trainee judge click here

Application for Trainee Theory Examination click here

Application of Aspirant Theory Examination click here

Application for Practical Examination (to be added soon)

For any other information please contact the office at email address of admin@dogsact.org.au.

All applicants MUST advise the office and send in their completed forms with fees no later than 9th March 2017. No late applications will be accepted [if sending by post inform the office they have been sent].