News for Members & Affiliate Clubs

JULY 2021

Members please be aware that with summer on its way & interstate travellers moving across Australia rather than travelling overseas, the incidences of the disease EHRLICHIOSIS will spread to the southern States.  Dogs ACT posted an article about this in its March newsletter but have reprinted it in the July newsletter for your information.  ANKC have now produced a News Release & it is located here – please read it.

JUNE 2021

Are you an affiliate wanting to run a Scent work trial?  Then please find attached a guide to walk you through the processes of how to go about this.

MAY 2021

The ACT Government has stated that from 01 July 2021 they are commencing a ban on plastics. On this date they will ban all single use plastics. For more information please see their website here & check what you can/cannot obtain.  Dogs ACT will be following these guidelines.

If you are a Club wanting to run a Scent work trial – there is a Guide which you can use & was drawn together by the ANKC National Scent Work Committee. There is also a one page document here which asks what is scent work?

APRIL 2021

Are you a fan of the new Scent work sport? Do you want to check it our & see how much fun you & your dog can have? Dogs ACT are holding their first scent work element trial on 13th May 2021.  The schedule for it is here.  Check it out – this is exciting!


Are you checking your newsletter? Each month Dogs ACT newsletter is posted on a separate page for Members.  If you have anything you wish to submit please send the information to the office at

Want a steward for your event?

The updated Stewards List is here and includes all stewards available for your event. They cover all dog sports & dog shows.



Dogs ACT office reopened 5th January 2021. Normal hours apply each week however Dogs ACT is still within an Emergency Response Centre.  Members must therefore remember to check in before getting to the counter,  and follow the instructions for our office Covid plan to keep everyone safe.



Sat 12th/Sun 13th saw the ACT Ladies & Canberra All Breeds Kennel Clubs run 4 successful shows under trying circumstances. It was the first shows since the Royal Canberra Show in late Feb20 but due to the diligence of its members they were able to combat the strict Covid-19 requirements.  Everyone was glad of the events & exhibitors came from VIC, NSW, ACT & QLD…a success indeed!


Dogs ACT successfully ran their show training & socialisation classes each Wed until 9th Dec (16th Dec was cancelled due to torrential rain most of the day).  We would like to thank all of those participants & we did see the benefits from week to week of their classes.

A special mention must be made to Carrie Paine who trained all comers & would ensure that everyone got exactly what they wanted from the classes & felt individually given attention.  Thanks Carrie – you are one of a kind!


Dogs ACT continues their show training & socialisation classes each Wed evening at 6pm for all members.

Cost is $5 per dog. Due to Covid restrictions we need to know who is coming so please register your interest via Show Manager at the following link.  Classes are from beginners to advanced with all classes being separate.

We look forward to seeing you there! All welcome!



Champ Shows in December?

The ACT Ladies & Canberra Kennel Clubs are attempting to put on 4 champ shows on the weekend of 12/13 Dec 20.

Latest message from the clubs is as follows:

Our Christmas shows are waiting for approval from the ACT Government (Event Exemption required due to expected exhibitor & attendee numbers). This is anticipated around mid November. Entries will be able to open at that time, so watch this space!!!



The Annual General Meeting of Dogs ACT was held on Tue 27Oct20 at the Mallee Pavilion at 7.30pm.

Candidates standing for nomination were voted on & several positions filled.

Information of the current Council can be found on this page


SEPTEMBER 2020 – COVID-19 effects on Events

ACT Heath declared a health emergency in March 2020 when the coronavirus hit Australia.  As such EPIC (Exhibition Park in Canberra, previously known as Canberra Showgrounds) became the ACT Emergency Response Centre.

Dogs ACT leases premises & grounds (grassed areas) within EPIC precincts. We are able to open during our normal office hours


AUGUST 2020 – Fake Dogs ACT Insurance

Dogs ACT have been advised that the Assoc Insurance (Aust) P/L has registered the names of all Canine Controls (except Dogs Tas) including Dogs ACT.

This is NOT the Dogs ACT official insurer.  If you have any questions or are approached by this association please send your approach to the Dogs ACT office at


Please be advised that from today, Tuesday 17 March 2020 until Sunday 3 May 2020, inclusive – all DOGS ACT events are to be cancelled or postponed and DOGS ACT grounds are to be closed for all meetings or gatherings of more than five (5) people. Further, the situation regarding COVID-19 will be reviewed no later than Monday 27 April 2020.

Further to the above: The Dogs ACT July Extravaganza scheduled for 2 – 5 July 2020 is hereby CANCELLED!

The health and well-being of all DOG ACT Members and Staff is our priority. In view of the declaration by the ACT Government of a Public Health Emergency on 16 March 2020.

DOGS ACT advises that all DOGS ACT events scheduled from Tuesday 17 March 2020 until Monday 3 May 2020 inclusive, are to be cancelled or postponed and that DOGS ACT grounds are closed for all meetings or gatherings of more than five (5) people.

DOGS ACT further advises that the situation regarding COVID-19 will be no later than Monday 27 April 2020, when further advice will be issued.

The COVID-19 pandemic is now moving extremely rapidly with infections increasing throughout the community, ie, community transmission is now becoming more common. Many of our members belong to the at risk group, especially those with other health issues.

People are being advised not to be in groups of over 500, but if one is in a high risk group, they should not attend any non-essential meetings or gatherings.

Regular attendees at DOGS ACT events could prove to be ideal vectors, ie, spreaders of this type of disease, as they may attend multiple events across the country, possibly being repeatedly exposed, thereby potentially repeatedly exposing others.

All Agricultural shows have been cancelled and, therefore, the DOGS ACT Council believe the only option for us is to take a similar step to cancel all events from Tuesday 17 March 2020 until Sunday 3 May 2020 inclusive.

We could be considered grossly negligent if we fail to be proactive in this rapidly developing pandemic. We do not need to lose any of our members to this serious condition.

If you need to cancel or change your booking of an event or camping, please email the Office at

The Office will be closed for public access during this time. Members may contact the office by phone, email and post.

The definition of all DOGS ACT events relates to:
• Conformation Shows
• Agility
• Dances with Dogs
• Endurance
• Gundogs & Retrieving
• Junior Handlers
• Lure Coursing
• Obedience
• Tracking
• All Dog Training
• Judges Training
• Meetings (only ones held at Dogs ACT Offices)

Conducted by DOGS ACT Affiliates, Associate Affiliates and any Members of DOGS ACT.

The listing of DOGS ACT EVENTS can be accessed on the DOGS ACT Website under CALENDAR, CLUBS, EVENTS –

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