Public Welcome


3 days for the family

The EPIC ADVANCE International Dog Sports Extravaganza welcomes everyone at Exhibition Park Friday 7th July through to Sunday 9th July.  Each day starts at 9am but you will need to check the programme to see when everything is on.


Meet hundreds of dogs, chat with owners, and watch world-class displays and competitions.

A great day out for the whole family!  Come along – its FREE too!


To view an advertising flyer for Saturday click here

To view the Saturday Programme click here


The following disciplines will be having events:




Rally Obedience


Grooming (content to be add soon)

Dances With Dogs

Weight Pull

To find out how to get to see ALL of the events take a look at the EPIC Site Map  click here  

The extravaganza is hosted by Dogs ACT and the major sponsors are Advance and Exhibition Park of Canberra (EPIC).