2023 AGM Papers

The positions that have been nominated for are as follows.

Elektra Oshyer
Judith Woolley – withdrawn
Eric Birkeland

Senior Vice President
John Scholz
Clive Styles

Council (3 available)
Katarina Manna
Gregory Barber
Ayla Douglas – withdrawn
Cristan McCusker
Meaghan O’Shannassy
Natasha Sands
Elektra Oshyer
Clive Styles
Fran Coventry – withdrawn
Suzana Styles – withdrawn

These nominees are welcome to introduce themselves below and members are free to ask questions.
The AGM is Tuesday the 29th at 7pm at Ainslie Football Club.
To save a tree or two, this link is for the 2023 Dogs ACT AGM papers.

Agenda and Reports

Financial Reports