Promote wide human interest in all registered dogs and secure proper appreciation and recognition of our canine friend in their varied roles in which they contribute to today’s society.

Promote responsible dog ownership; educate members, affiliated bodies and the general public on canine matters and to inform members and affiliated bodies on all other matters of concern or interest to them.

Encourage the regulation of breeding of purebred dogs and the registration of such dogs and their progeny within the ACT and within Australia. Promote breed improvement and raise the standards of breeding, rearing, the keeping and sale of pure bred dogs and the general health and welfare of all dogs.

Promote and encourage the recreation, sport, exhibition and training of dogs registered with Dogs ACT and to provide facilities for those purposes.

Promote and encourage membership of Dogs ACT and to promote the advantages and privileges of membership; provide for affiliation with Dogs ACT of canine bodies and canine service organisations whose objectives are compatible with the objectives of Dogs ACT.

Obtain recognition of Dogs ACT and its affiliates as expert authorities on canine matters, in particular the exhibition, sport and recreation of Dogs ACT registered dogs.

Make representations to, and to negotiate with all relevant Government authorities on matters relating to dogs. Liaise, cooperate and reciprocate with other recognized state, territory and international canine controlling bodies in matters of common interest or concern and of mutual benefit.

Promote, assist and to make contributions to canine veterinary research, the preservation of canine records and artefacts of historical significance and to other worthy canine causes.

Social Media and an informative web site are used as a means of communications between Dogs ACT, its members and affiliated bodies and the public.