A course for aspirant DWD Judges will be run in 2024 by Dogs ACT.

Applications for a place on the DWD Judges course should be submitted to Dogs ACT by close of business on Thursday, 25 January 2024, on the approved application form which can be downloaded from the Dogs ACT website or obtained from the Dogs ACT Office during advertised opening hours.

A course fee of $65 applies and is payable when the application form is submitted to Dogs ACT.

The course is expected to commence in early February and finish by October.

Before attending course lectures or undertaking practical training sessions, aspirants will be required to undertake a preliminary written theory examination covering the Dogs ACT Rules and Regulations and the general requirements of the ANKC Rules for the Conduct of Dances with Dogs Trials.

Aspirants will not be examined on the Dogs ACT Rules and Regulations if they have previously been examined whilst undertaking an ANKC Judges Training course in another discipline e.g. tricks.

Details of the course syllabus and timetable will be issued to approved applicants.

To be accepted on the course, applicants must:

(i) Have been a member of either Dogs ACT or another Member Body of the ANKC for at least three (3) years prior to the application and be a current financial member of Dogs ACT.

(ii) Be a least eighteen (18) years of age.

(iii) Be a resident of the ACT.

(v) Have personally trained and trialed a dog to a minimum of two (2) Novice DWD passes in either discipline.

(iv)  Be able to demonstrate skills and experience in instructing in DWD at a Dogs ACT affiliated Club or at a Club affiliated with another Member Body and/or active participation in DWD trials including as an organiser, steward or other official and/or have experience in related club or training activities, whether in DWD or another related ANKC discipline in the two (2) years prior to the application.