Health and Welfare

“Our primary objective is to promote in every way, the general improvement of pure bred dogs, responsible dog ownership and the varied roles in which dogs contribute to today’s society.”

“Dog owners bear a special responsibility, to their canine companions, to provide proper care and humane treatment at all times. This means the provision of adequate and nutritious diet, clean water, clean, dry and comfortable living conditions, appropriate veterinary care, kind and responsible human companionship and training in appropriate behaviour. Dogs should only be kept in circumstances and/or numbers where all these needs can be adequately provided.”

(Dogs Australia formerly ANKC)


The ANKC is actively addressing recent concerns raised on a review of breeding practices in Australia and would like to provide the following information.

  1. Australia differs considerably to the UK – we agree there are problems (just as there are in humans, cross bred dogs and other species) but are working hard to improve dog health and welfare across the board.
  2. We already have Disease Control Schemes running in a large number of breeds and have been doing so for long periods of time, with good results. We have cleared Copper Toxicosis from Bedlington Terriers, Fucocidosis in Springer Spaniels and Haemophilia A from the German Shepherd.
  3. We annually donate close to $100,000 collectively across Australia to Research into dog diseases and DNA Test Development.
  4. Breeders are heavily involved in testing dogs and assisting in research often by donating funds and samples.
  5. With regards to Inbreeding we are collaborating with the Sydney University Faculty of Veterinary Science investigating the status in Australia. We do not anticipate major problems in the numerically larger breeds, smaller breeds may have higher figures, however Australian breeders have a long history of importing new bloodlines, especially due to our geographical isolation.6.
  6. Breed Standards were promoted in the BBC Program as the ”cause” of many genetic diseases – rarely is this true, many diseases are enzyme or organ based. Breed Standards are an outline guide and breeders and judges are urged to avoid exaggeration.
  7. Health Control Schemes – there is widespread use of health schemes in Australia by dog breeders – hips, elbows, eyes. The use of DNA Testing is expanding rapidly as tests become available. The ANKC has partnered with the AVA in CHEDS (Canine Hip and Elbow Scheme) and ACES (Australian Canine Eye Scheme). Some breeds have adopted LRL’s (Litter Registration Limitations requiring parental screening for certain heritable diseases before a litter can be registered.
  8. The ANKC and its Member Bodies are committed to the improvement of the Health and Welfare of Pedigree Dogs and where it is presented with scientifically based evidence of health problems in a breed it will consult with relevant experts to work towards a solution.



AGREEMENT for Dogs ACT affiliates contracting or engaging Professional Photographers or Amateur Photographers to officially provide photographic services and photograph winning dogs at Dogs ACT sanctioned events
Affiliates that engage the use of a sole photographers, whether they be professional or amateur photographers to provide photographic services and photograph winning dogs at Dogs ACT sanctioned events are reminded of Dogs ACT Policy of Agreements.
The designated photographer has the sole right of access to the inside of the main ring area or podium designated areas.  All other photographers must gain permission from the contracted photographer before entering these areas, this will include amateur or family photographers.  This also includes private sittings while on the designated whole of dog show grounds.  All areas outside the designated ring area and/or podium areas are available to all photographers to have the right to freely take photos except for private sittings.


Dogs ACT has formulated a cleaning policy to assist affiliates in the conduct of their events. The following options are available to affiliates. Included are two alternative options (1,2) for affiliates in regards to cleaning at their events, option 3 is listed in detail.
1. Affiliates can use the EPIC cleaning provider to provide cleaning services on event days.  This service is at the affiliates cost and the affiliate must undertake ring set themselves, this includes erecting rings, taking down judges tables and distributing rubbish bins around the grounds as well as emptying the bins into the hoper.
2. Affiliates can undertake all cleaning at their event themselves and undertake ring set this includes erecting rings, taking down judges tables and distributing rubbish bins around the grounds as well as emptying the bins into the hoper.
3. Clubs to Dogs ACT to undertake cleaning and ring set up, clubs to review the toilet blocks themselves (ie removing loose paper from the floor), replace ¾ full bins to the allocated area and clubs to erect and take down judging tables each day.
Option 3 in detail
Affiliates to advise Dogs ACT Business Manager and request cleaning at their event when they lodge their schedule. Dogs ACT will conduct clean down of the toilet blocks prior to the event (day before).
 Dogs ACT will conduct set up of rings prior to the event (day before) affiliates will erect and take away the judging tables at the end of each day.
 Dogs ACT to put out a minimum of 8 bins (more if a large show) located at the top and bottom rings prior to the event (day before).
 Dogs ACT to ensure dog waste collection bags and sand is maintained for the event.
 Dogs ACT to ensure spare bins are relined ready for used as replacement bins.
 Clubs to ensure bins are removed when they are three quarters full to the designated area and a new lined bin put in its place.
 Dogs ACT to empty all bins into the hopper at the conclusion of the event.
 Dogs ACT to conduct full clean down of the toilet blocks at the conclusion of the event.
 Dogs ACT to invoice for cleaning concerning the event to be charge at a minimum of 4 hours at a rate of $35 per hour
 Excess cleaning that may be required will be charged at the hourly rate of $35 to the affiliate.
 Affiliates requiring additional cleaning over extended days will need to make alternate arrangements for extra cleaning eg (EPIC cleaner).
 All ring equipment damaged will be repaired and the cost charged to the Affiliate using the equipment.