Dog Show Accomodation

At the time of posting these details all accommodation stated that it was dog friendly. The accommodation is listed in no preference of order or recommendation.  The information is supplied by our local dog clubs which on their recommendation may change occasionally.

Many past opportunities for accommodation were lost when privileges provided by hotels, motels & private accommodation were abused & tenants responsibilities were ignored or blatantly disrespected. We as exhibitors, show & event management, dog owners & fanciers need to respect the existence of these facilities and ensure that they are available for the next people who need to use them.

There are powered sites within Exhibition Park (EPIC) a short distance from Dogs ACT Canine Complex. The sites are maintained by the showground & Dogs ACT charged for abuse of area or rubbish removal so please keep the areas clean.

For Bookings to Bicentennial Gardens (across the road from the show rings) bookings are through to be done through Show Manager on behalf of clubs & the showground authority (except for the Canberra Royal).

  • Camping will only be available at the times of show events, unless otherwise stated by the Club Hosting the Event or DogsACT (on advice from EPIC)
  • All camping must be pre-booked and pre-paid.
  • Rates are $40 per night.
  • A site map of EPIC areas and gates to enter/exit is posted here for your ease of access.

IMPORTANT – If there no campers pre-booked before the show/event weekend, then power and showers facilities will NOT be available.

The Pet Friendly Accommodation in Canberra has kindly provided us with a list of animal friendly accommodation in and around Canberra and was last updated in January 2017 click here






  • B &V Caravan Hire = Phone 02 6299 1101 Moble 0412531465 (powered site included in price)
  • Caravan Connections = Mobile 0417 266 921