To enter a show there are a few things you need to do well in advanced of this step.

  • First and most importantly you need to be a member of your Local Dogs Body (Ie Dogs ACT)
  • Ensure that your dog has the correct registration – they must be on Mains (Blue) Registration to be able to be shown.

Next you look up the show details you would like to enter:

When you have read the schedule you will note a number of important features of the Show are quoted:

  • The date of the fixture, and where the Show will be held.
  • The type of fixture, Championship Show, Open Show or Competition.
  • The Judge or Judges officiating.
  • The name and address of the Secretary to whom the entries should be sent to or the platform electronic entries will be on.
  • The closing date of entry.
  • The classes offered for the breeds.
  • And many more other matters pertinent to the show.

If you are lodging an entry form for your first show we recommend you seek advice and assistance from the person from whom you purchased your puppy.

Entry Platforms

In this age of electronics most is not all entries are done electronically, however paper entries are still accepted for those who are unable to do electronic entries.

The two most common online entry platform are Show Manager and Easy Dog Entries – you will need to create a login on these platforms to do your entries.