On the morning of the show/fixture arise early leaving home at a time which will allow you to travel to the show venue without panic. On arrival at the Show:

  • Park your vehicle where directed.
  • Attend to your dog so that it is comfortable whilst awaiting your call to the judging ring. Under no circumstances leave your dog in your vehicle during hot weather.
  • As most entries are processed online, you should have already printed out your exhibit number for you to wear on your person
  • Present your catalogue slip to the Secretary’s office and on receipt of your catalogue cheek your entry in the class (or classes) entered and assess the approximate time your breed will be judged by:
    • Allowing approx. 40 catalogue exhibit numbers per hour.
    • Keeping the judging ring in view so that you can see what breed is in the judging ring at any time.
  • Before you bring your dog to the ring, and again when you are waiting to be called in for your class, watch how the Judge is going about his task.  Almost every Judge employs a different technique, how he parades the dogs, where he stops them, which pattern of movement he requires, where he places the dogs he fancies in the initial stages, how he views different handling methods and so on.  An intelligent exhibitor can learn a lot by carefully observing the Judge’s methods and requirements.
  • Present your exhibit at the ringside in sufficient time to be able to answer the Steward’s call.