• Parade the dog on the LEFT hand side;
  • Bring the dog to the Judge and stand it to the best advantage;
  • Move the dog from and back to the Judge as requested; and
  • Control and exhibit the dog to the best advantage during the judging.

When you have been judged remain within the precincts of the judging ring until your breed judging is completed.

If your dog has been awarded first in your class, ask the Steward for an indication of the time for your further exhibiting requirements (refer ‘Schedule of Judging Sequence’ on the following page).

If your dog was awarded a Challenge Certificate, Best of Breed,  Runner-up to Best of Breed or Best of Age-Class in Breed (e.g. BEST PUPPY IN BREED etc.), you MUST remain with your dog, for the judging of Group Specials, until such time as you are notified by the Steward that your dog is no longer required.

If your dog was not fortunate enough to be awarded first prize, don’t immediately go home, stop and watch what goes on at the show and learn, mix with the other exhibitors and have a pleasant day.