As the day of the Show approaches you should be preparing your dog by regular grooming and training so that it may be presented to the Judge in ‘top show’ condition and trained to behave correctly in the judging ring.  The best way to ensure your exhibit has an equal opportunity in competition is to present it in the best possible show condition by pursuing a regular grooming and training programme every day.  The top winning exhibitors will tell you that ‘you win your prizes in the backyard by grooming and training your dog – you only go along to the Show to collect them!’  Diet and exercise also play a large part in presentation of your dog.

Certain breeds require special preparation/trimming and information in this respect can be obtained from the appropriate breed club and/or publication on the breed which would be available in the ACTCA library.  On the evening before the day of the Show, prepare for your departure by:

  • Assessing the travelling time you will require to arrive at the Show venue in plenty of time to settle down prior to the  judging starting time and particularly allowing time for any unforeseen event which may cause you delay en route.
  • Pack the grooming gear, the dog’s lead, a drink container and any other equipment you may require for preparation and/or comfort of your exhibit.
  • It is worthwhile to consider also a foldaway chair and a table if you have these items available and any other items for your personal comfort, wet weather gear, beach type umbrella, sun hat, food, etc., and, of course, water for your dog.
  • Don’t forget:
    • Your Show ring exhibit numbers and clip to pin to your top.
    • The fixture schedule.